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by Silvano Caselli

As the original painting burned in the 'Teatro La Fenice' fire in 1996, the author Roberto Delpiano recreated the original lost painting together with the painter Silvano Caselli (adding the "La Fenice fire" in the background) for the 1997 inauguration of the Tokyo Opera House.

Size (HxW): 70x50 cm - 28x20 inches.

13 colors: CMYK + 9 colors for detailing.

Printing: 1997 - 1850 copies - printed on nice Italian heavy 300g/mq smooth white paper, all hand numbered and signed with graphite pencil by Maestro Silvano Caselli, who chose the best prints from a total printing of 2000 items.

Silvano Caselli was very keen about the final results, as this painting had a special meaning for him.

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