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Roberto Delpiano's Biography

Professional life and Artistic Production

Roberto Delpiano was born in 1952 in Tortona (AL) and graduated in Accounting in 1971, and did not take long to show his true artistic nature and try to express what he felt inside, professionally and artistically.

Since 1975, after completing his Military Service in Italy, he throws himself into the profession of independent Photographer, photographing everything that gives him pleasure and the means for survival: children's portraits, school groups, swimming competitions, musical groups and record covers, social events.

Very few marriages, no interest for him, only for friends or those who guaranteed him his favorite appetizers.

In this period he first experiments with screen printing, independently managed and with self-built equipment.

In 1980 he set up his artistic / photographic studio in Turin and began working in advertising.

In 1983 he emigrates to the USA: Salt Lake City, Utah.

Returning to Turin in 1984 - mainly due to a very bad motorcycle accident in SLC - he resumed his work as a photographer for the advertising sector, adding his experience gained on computers (1984!), and his management skills for production of advertising brochures, playbills, posters, everything that could be relevant to the photographic sector and within its acquired skills and available technology.

In the '80s he developed a passion for photographic work with an optical bench camera (10x12 and 13x18 cm) and for a studio photography that has nothing to envy, in methods, to the work of the painter: light like the brush.

His passion for multiple works and image processing (of a recognized Pop-Art tendency) leads him to produce - when time and money allow it - some screenprints that live on that transition line between real and abstract.

From this period his best works will come out, due especially to his passion for the processing of photographic images in the darkroom.

In 1992 he ultimately abandons Turin and Italy to embark on new adventures and life experiences:
- 1992: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
- 1996: Newark, NJ - USA
- 1998: Stanford, CA - USA
- 2003: Williamsburg, VI - USA
- 2005: Long Beach, CA - USA
He returns in 2012 to Rio de Janeiro where he currently resides, but with the desire to experiment and travel again.


Having abandoned his work as a paid photographer, advertiser and web programmer, Roberto Delpiano dedicates his creative energy to the programming and creation of cultural websites:

Carnival, which has always been his great passion - that moment of madness beyond the banal everyday life - presents 180 pages of information and images from past centuries:

The history and presentation of the works of Canaletto, the greatest "photographer" who existed before photography was invented, a website with 500 images of 18th century drawings and paintings, at the moment, but which should reach 1000 images when finished:


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