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INTERFERENZA (Interference)

Elaborated from a 16mm frame taken by the author Roberto Delpiano from a TV screen.

The interference at the bottom is little by little disgregating the scene into nothingness.

Size (HxW): 50x70 cm - 20x28".

4 colors: 3 different shades of Gray + Silver.

Printing: 1988 - 150 copies, printed on nice Italian heavy 300g/mq Fedrigoni smooth white paper, numbered and signed with graphite pencil by the author Roberto Delpiano who participated in person to the printing made by professional silkscreen technicians.

A 165x240 cm painting (5.5x8 feet), quite big, was also made, presently at a friend's house when the author had to move from the studio in Torino in 1994.

4 copies still available.

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