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Silvano Caselli

The painter of the artists and the greats

Silvano Caselli (Florence 1921 - ) was not new to a work that presupposed the portrait of a famous person.

From the beginning of his career he had already painted quite a bit of great characters, and he had the necessary sympathy and patience to resist any pressure, impatience or anger of these great figures.

This was also one of the reasons, in addition to his undoubted ability to portray the inner character of his subjects, for which he was entrusted with the work of executing the painting by Maria Callas, who was well known in terms of impatience and outbursts of character ...

Silvano Caselli painting the portrait of Arturo Toscanini - 1951

Silvano Caselli's self portrait - 1951

Silvano Caselli begins his work on the Callas' portrait - 1957

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